The Court Journey to the Shgun of Japan (Dutch Version)

The Court Journey to the Shgun of Japan (Dutch Version)

ISBN: 9074822266

ISBN 13: 9789074822268

Publication Date: December 01, 2000

Publisher: Kit Pub

Pages: 134

Format: Hardcover

Author: Matthi Forrer

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The Dutch Director or "Opperhoofd" of Deshima was required to make an annual journey to the shogun's court in Edo (present-day Tokyo). Opperhoofd Jan Cock Blomhoff (1779-1853) made his first journey to Edo in 1818. In addition to the official diary he kept during this journey, Blomhoff also maintained correspondence with his wife Titia in Holland. This hitherto unpublished material is a major source of knowledge on Tokugawa Japan. It offers details about Blomhoff's travels and contains numerous references to the objects he acquired. Many of these pieces are reproduced in the book, along with other documents, such as maps. (See also the publication "Titia - The First Western Woman in Japan")

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